As fall starts, many homeowners are calling roofers in Chesapeake for roof inspection, repair, or replacement.

Whether it is a simple slate repair, restoration or complete re-roofing of your building, you can count on The Roofing Company to perform the work to the high standards established by the National Slate Association and the Slate Roofing Contractor’s Association.

General Roofing Questions

Making the decision to repair or replace your roof can be overwhelming for any homeowner. Here are few general roofing questions we often hear from our customers to help you be better prepared when it comes to understanding your roof.

Waterproofing underlayment is installed underneath the shingles in areas where extra protection is desired.

Like their counterparts in other cities and states, roofing contractors in Virginia Beach often receive questions about slate roofs. One of the most frequently asked questions is what advantages slate roofs have over other kinds of roofing. According to one industry source: 






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