Our Team

Brian Chalsma


Brian has been in Virginia since 1986, when the Army stationed him at Ft. Eustis. He liked Virginia so much he decided to stay after he got out of the Army. What a great decision that was! Brian started Chalsma Contracting in 1995 and later co-founded The Roofing Company in 1998, which since 2011 was renamed The Roofing and Remodeling Company.

“Your actions speak so loud I can’t hear what you are saying.”

Brian enjoys most is the people he works with and the services the company strives to provide to their clients. He is a born leader and a huge advocate for continuous improvement, which he implements within the company team as much as possible. Brian has met with several thousand local homeowners over the years providing estimates for various services that we offer. All too many times, he was called out to the clients home when they had another contractor install a product incorrectly and now the property owner has to hire us to repair the previous contractors’ work. He prides himself that as a company, The Roofing and Remodeling Company, follows the manufacturer’s specifications of their products. If there is one person in Hampton Roads who knows about slate roofing, it’s Brian Chalsma! He has a desire to see historic buildings continue in their function – especially their roofs. Brian is the President of the National Slate Association and has read The Slate Bible, written by Joe Jenkins, several times and then some. His experience and knowledge of slate roofing is more than impressive and he is willing to share that with anyone who asks about it. Since he focuses on continuous improvement you bet that what he learns, the company slate roofing installers are sure be trained on! Brian’s favorite pastime is spending it with his wife, Teresa Chalsma, and his three daughters.