For many homeowners, roof leaks are a recurring chaos. Severe weather, improper maintenance, and many other factors can all easily cause a roof leakage. Leaving a roof leak unsolved can result in an escalated damage to your home, such as mold growth or even damage to the structure of your home, resulting in water stains. Acting quickly and productively is best when dealing with roof leaks, to ensure the quality of your home. 

Things to Look Out For: Water Stains

One of the most common issues for homeowners caused by untreated roof leaks are water stains. Depending on how extreme the stain is, there are a few options to eliminate them. 


A smaller water stain can easily be fixed with the simple usage of a hairdryer and scraper. By increasing the temperature of the area and scraping the stain, the stain is removable. 


A larger stain may take a bit more effort to remove. Simply mix vinegar and water at a 1:1 ratio and use a towel to wipe the affected area. Leave the solution for at least 15 minutes to see results .

Though these methods may work, it is always best to call a professional to check on the issue.

To avoid water damage to your home and find the cause of your roof leak, follow the following steps:

Step One: Check The Attic

The first place to inspect when noticing a roof leak is the attic. Loose or damaged shingles are the leading cause for roof leaks, which is why they are the first thing to check when trying to figure the source of the problem. A major sign of a damaged shingle is if sunlight is able to enter through the ceiling. 

Step Two: Check Your Gutters

If damaged shingles were not the cause of your roof leak, the next place to look is your gutters. Surprisingly, gutters play an important role in keeping your home dry, as insignificant they may seem to a roof leak. A poor functioning gutter will be unable to drain the rainwater that pours on your home. This results in water seeping through your roof. Damaged gutters can be as simple as removing an object that is causing a jam. However, in worse cases, the whole gutter may have to be replaced by a professional.

Step Three: Repair The Leak

If you are unable to repair the source of a roof leak from home, it is important to call a professional immediately. Though doing it yourself is nice to learn, a professional can ensure the source of the issue is resolved, and also can provide specific insight on how to avoid future issues, according to the situation and specific roof type you have. 


To conclude, roof leaks must be treated immediately after they are discovered to ensure that no other damage is done to your home. If you are unsure or want a professional to evaluate the situation, visit The Roofing Company’s webpage today to schedule an appointment!